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Braces are a great option if want to have straight teeth. Braces will help straighten your teeth. An Orthodontist is the type of dentist who specializes in braces. If you like you can still go with the traditional metal braces with brackets that let you change the colors of the rubber bands to what ever you want. There are new types of braces that help make them less noticeable. You can get braces that are the same color as your teeth or there are invisible braces, and invisalign. Another option you have for braces are ones that will go on the back of your teeth. People are not able to see the braces. You have so many options to discuss with your dentist when it comes to finding the right type of braces for you.
The wires in braces today are thinner than in the past, plus the braces straighten your teeth faster than ever before. Your teeth are pulled in place by the braces over time and it helps keep them keep that new desired position. The amount of time you wear braces is different for each person. Braces have been proven to move your teeth in place effectively.
One thing about braces is that it attracts food. Food will get stuck in your braces and you will need to brush your teeth after meals to help get the food out and keep your mouth healthy. As soon as your braces come off you should see a tremendous improvement in your smile.

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