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  TMJ Treatment:
"TMJ" is short for temporomandibular joint, a complex set of joints which attaches the lower jaw to the skull. TMJ disorders are sometimes abbreviated TMD, or CMD (Craniomandibular disorders). These joints are very important. They are responsible for chewing, eating and swallowing, and speaking can be impacted if they do not work properly. Pain in the TMJ can have a serious impact on everyday activities, and can lead to or co-exist with other problems like headaches, back and neck pain, and stress.
TMJ can also lead to problems that don't seem related to your jaw. Such symptoms as neck pains, ear aches, back pains, and headaches could have their origins in dysfunctions in your jaw joints.
TMJ disorder is quite common. Millions of people have some symptoms, but only a small percentage of about 5-15% people actually need treatment at a given time.
The proper treatment for your TMJ often time varies. It really depends upon the specific diagnosis. For example, if your pain is caused by clenching and grinding, your dentist may recommend medication for the pain and inflammation. He or she may also recommend stress reduction, biofeedback, or relaxation therapy.
In a few cases, probably less than 5% of the time, surgery may be recommended when other therapies have proven unsuccessful. Especially in cases of traumatic injury or osteoarthritis, surgery may be needed to repair damaged tissue. TMJ treatment has shown great effectiveness.

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